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From our fist meeting until the final images are delivered, my wife Beth and I will make sure we take care of all the details that will exceed your expectations.  Don't take our work for it, check out what our clients say on Facebook -

We will take the stress out of your day and plan with you all the details up front so you can just enjoy your day.


Lake Michigan

Nicole and Zach at Blue Harbor. Our last Wedding we ended at Blue Harbor, the next wedding we started there :-) ( popular place ) Such a fun wedding ! One of those weddings were the entire wedding party was great to work with - did all the crazy things we asked ! Jump shots, tug of war, ect… Now , Nicole and some of her Bridesmaids were on the Michigan Gymnastics Team so no lack of fitness here ! Her Brother goes to Wisconsin - No rivalry there , right !! The very first group dance started with the Wisconsin Jump around theme - What a way to start ! As Anchorman said - “ That escalated quickly “

Brunch Wedding :-)

We have been blessed with so many great couples that I have fallen behind on my posts :-) Kenzy and Zach was our first early in the day Wedding that ended with Brunch and yard games ! How fun is that! Once all the activities were over, we ended the day with the Bridal Portraits at Blue Harbor Resort with just us - No rush , No time pressure, Just the new couple. P.S. OMG have bacon and eggs as my meal was awesome !! Bacon makes everything better

April outdoor Wedding !

First outdoor wedding of the season and it could not have gone better ! It was also our first Diamond package of the season ( What is Diamond Package , click on investment above ) This package ensured start to finish coverage of over 12.5 hours for Beth and I. What made it so awesome was everyone involved wanted to be part of the pictures process, they did all the crazy things Beth and I asked, and we had a couple who where an absolute joy to work with. April weddings could have found us in Snow here in Wisconsin, but fate gave us an awesome day and night. From the Venue, to the nature park, and the nights activities, and the final Nighttime portraits we couldn’t have wished for a better time :-)

Des and Jer-1.jpg

2019 Wedding Season

While our 2019 wedding season has already kicked off, this year is one of our busiest ever ! Beth and I cannot wait to share all the amazing experiences with you. While we may attend a wedding almost every Saturday :-) we know this is your wedding and we will capture your day in the way you wish. The bonus is we have a good idea on what works and what does not. We will guide your day and help remove the stress all Brides feel. Don’t worry about the clock and where to be and when, we are watching that :-) Just be in the moment with your family and friends. Don’t be afraid to ask us for help either, we have helped transport items to the church, I played Bartender a few times making Mimosa’s :-) and just about anything else all the while we are still capturing your day — all the little details that may be more important to you then anything else. Point is, we treat you like family. See you at your wedding :-)

Be Present, Be Connected

Feb 3rd 2019

Amazing Dress, Amazing looking bride, on a foggy winter day. We missed sub zero temps by a week !! Congratulations Brianna and Shaun!


How does it feel - Mr and Mrs. Roethle

We could not have asked for a better kickoff for our winter weddings with Sarah and Ryan!! Cold but not too cold. Venue had all the Christmas tree’s up. The Wedding party was the one you always dream of, all close, super fun friends, and wait for it .. “wanted to take pictures !! “ We didn’t have a new snowfall but a local Ski hill in the area worked just fine… Here’s to my Winter Brides, knowing its cold, knowing its not as easy, but totally rocking it.


Remember Why

My biggest piece of advice after 175,000 wedding images…

On your Wedding day Be present, Be connected, and remember why the both of you are here in the first place.  Let everything else go…. 

This is the main thing that we find separates the brides with  hundreds of wonderful images,  and ones where we struggle to find that glowing look you want but don’t.   

I used to chalk it up to stress of the day, but now I know its misplaced stress 

Family members not doing what they are “supposed” to do and it just grates at you.  Image after image are still being taken documenting your day.   The flowers came and the colors are just not right.  Frame after frame,  click , click we keep shooting,  Hoping for a smile, hoping for that  look that all new Brides should have - But they don’t come.  I will remind you - we don’t get a second chance.   Table cloths are too short, seat covers don’t fit, detail after detail consumes you.  Instead of the glowing look of a Brides anticipation in seeing her groom at the altar… it’s a look of frustration behind forced smiles because “everything isn’t“perfect”.  Click , click we keep documenting your day.  “Just et it go”   I say….  But again I see it in your forced smiles.  I know the images that are not what they should be.    I stop you to make sure your “Ok” , remind you that these images are the only thing you will have to remember this day.   Take a breath, re focus, remember why are you here?  You seem to have forgotten with all the chaos of the day.   Stop, reset yourself.  I want to capture the your moments, the feelings, the joy, but its just not happening. .. You can choose to change it – or not.   

Be present, Be connected, and remember why the both of you are here in the first place.  Let everything else go…. Now Breath .. Close your eyes… Open … Now we can produce the stunning images of your wedding day , after all isn’t that why you  hired me in the first place.  I will help you get back on track, I promise….